Online Media Certificate

10 Credits | 1 Year Program | Online Learning

Level: Certificate

Credits: 10

Average Completion Time: 1 Year

The West Coast Online Certificate Program allows you to take quality online college classes with a narrow focus according to your interests. You can choose to take an individual course or a set of courses grouped by subject into a certificate program.

Through the Church Media Certificate, you will gain practical knowledge and experience creating engaging content across media including graphic design, print design, photography, and videos.

You can simply audit the course lectures or take the entire course for full college credit. Each course lasts seven weeks. Contact for the next course start date.

Fall Term A

Media Foundations

DVA 101  |  2 Credits

This course is designed to help the students understand how a church as an organization effectively communicates both to its members and to its community in order to further the cause of Christ.  The students will learn and understand the basics of creativity and communication, web development, church audio, print design, video production, and technology—all with a ministry-specific emphasis.

Fall Term B

Photography One

DVP 141  |  2 Credits

This course covers the basics of photography, broken into five distinct sections that will build on each other to give the student a range of technical knowledge and real-world experience of photography, and show how to use these skills in ministry applications. The history of photography, controlling exposure, the laws of composition, basic post-processing, and final output of images will all be covered during the course.

Spring Term A

Design Technology

DVA 102  |  2 Credits

Students will be introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud and learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator along with other design technologies. Emphasis will be placed upon establishing page layout, graphics manipulation, and pre-press skills. Projects will be given to reinforce the use of application features and equip the student to effectively use these technologies in design and in preparation for other media courses.

Spring Term B

Graphic Design One

DGD 221  |  2 Credits

Graphic design is a fundamental skill in media. This course will provide the students with the opportunity to learn to design graphics to enhance print and web media. Graphic design principles and techniques will be studied to learn how to effectively communicate visually. Modern trends and techniques will be studied to keep graphics looking current.

Summer Term 

Video Production

DVP 244  |  2 Credits

This course will demonstrate the power of video in communication, as well as techniques necessary to achieve the best results. Students will learn how to operate a video camera system, how to edit and correct video using industry standard software, and how to communicate through the video medium.