Academic Programs

The Creative Arts Department of WCBC offers a variety of creative programs at various levels from several proficiencies through an accredited four-year bachelors degree.

Students working on a design project in the Studio

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Bachelors in Visual Arts

128 Credits  |  4 Years  |  Bachelors

The Visual Arts concentration is for those who want to serve the Lord in ministry staff positions and to support the senior pastor by communicating the gospel and his vision through visual arts and creative media. Specific disciplines of study incorporated within this concentration include creativity, graphic design, interactive design, photography, and video production—each specifically applied to local church ministry. Practicums and internships provide opportunities for practical, hands-on experience and prepare the student for a wide range of ministry applications of visual arts.

Creativity    |    Design    |    Video    |    Photography    |    Interactive Media

Visual Arts Proficiencies

16 Credits  |  2+ Years  |  Proficiency

Students may take a bachelor’s in any field at WCBC and pair it with a proficiency in a particular field of Visual Arts, including Graphic Design, Interactive Design, and Visual Productions. Each of these three consists of four core classes (including the Portfolio capstone) along with four classes focused the the student’s proficiency of choice.

Speech and Drama Proficiency

16 Credits  |  2+ Years  |  Proficiency

Students take courses in subjects ranging from Debate to Interpretive Speech to The Art of Storytelling to develop their verbal presentation skills while having the opportunity to participate in dramas and other stage performances throughout their studies. The program culminates with a series of private lessons and a speech recital.