Studio Facilities

Creative Arts Department

R304 Design Studio

R308 Video Studio (new)

The Design Studio

Revels Building 304

The Design Studio (located in the Revels Building, Room 304) provides a cutting-edge learning environment and allows the students to gain experience by working with industry-standard equipment and applications—all with a focus on ministry. Some of the room’s amenities include thirty student workstations with high-end iMac computers, six of which are also equipped with Wacom graphic tablets for digital illustration and design and two of which are ADA-accessible; an eighty-inch television for demonstration and critique; a gigabit-class network with a server and network file storage array; and a print center with large-format and wide-gamut printers.

High-end Mac Workstations

Terabytes of Network Storage

Students working together on a project

Creative Space

The Studio facilitates courses in creativity, graphic design, web/app development, photography, and video production and is set up as a creative work space, not primarily as a classroom, to promote collaboration and facilitate hands-on projects. 

Industry-leading Tools

Industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Cloud is installed on every workstation and with nearly every application being incorporated into the curriculum of one of the courses in the program. Students also have access to check out cameras and lenses for use in projects.

Speed and Flexibility

The computer network in this room was custom designed and built by our Visual Arts faculty for extreme speed and reliability. Students can work on raw video files over the network or share files with other students via the 24-terabyte disk array and Mac Pro server.

A student creating an inspiration board

A student editing images in Adobe Lightroom

The Video Studio

Revels Building 308

Editing Bays

The Video Studio is an easily reconfigurable learning environment divided into set and editing regions. The editing space features two high-performance editing bays, each powered by a 3rd-gen Mac Pro and 32″ wide-gamut 4K monitors for accurate color grading. A complete 4K workflow is available with slot-loading SSD recording media, live histogram and audio levels monitors, and broadcast-grade video monitors.

GB RAM in Each Workstation

Logical cores via Xeon W CPU

Highlighted Features