Bachelors in Visual Arts

Level: Bachelors

Credits: 128

Average Completion Time: 4 Years

The Visual Arts concentration is for those who want to serve the Lord in ministry staff positions and to support the senior pastor by communicating the gospel and his vision through visual arts and creative media. Specific disciplines of study incorporated within this concentration include creativity, graphic design, interactive design, photography, and video production—each specifically applied to local church ministry. Practicums and internships provide opportunities for practical, hands-on experience and prepare the student for a wide range of ministry applications of visual arts.







Student editing a photograph in Adobe Lightroom



BI 101 Old Testament Survey

EN 101 Grammar and Composition 1

OR 101 Principles of Christian Living

PT 111 Personal Evangelism

VA 101 Media Foundations

VA 110 Creative Thinking

VA 141 Photography 1



BC 101 Intro. to Biblical Counseling

BI 102 New Testament Survey

EN 102 Grammar and Composition 2

SPCH 101 Freshman Speech

VA 102 Digital Imaging

VA 111 Concept Development

VA 142 Photography 2



BI 212 Romans

BI 231 Intro. to Dispensationalism

MA 100 College Math

VA 212 Digital Storytelling

VA 221 Graphic Design 1

VA 231 Web Development 1

Bible Elective (3 credits)



BI 201 Life of Christ

BI 291 Methodical Bible Studies

MI 101 Introduction to Missions

VA 213 Design Research Methods

VA 244 Video Production 1

VA 322 Graphic Design 2

VA 335 Web Development 2



BI 110 Survey of Bible Doctrines

HI 283 US History 1

PT 100 Practical Theology or women’s Bible elective*

VA 223 Typography

VA 333 Interface Design

VA 371 Visual Arts Lab/Practicum 1

Bible Elective (2 credits)



AP 301 Science and Faith

HI 284 US History 2

PT 100 Practical Theology or women’s Bible elective*

VA 234 WordPress Development

VA 324 Print Production

VA 372 Visual Arts Lab/Practicum 2

Bible Elective (3 credits)



AP 101 Apologetics

BI 401 Baptist History & Distinctives

VA 425 Branding Design

VA 481 Visual Arts Internship

Bible Elective (3 credits)

General Elective (2 credits)



PT 311 Christian Marriage and Home

VA 446 Video Production 2

VA 499 Visual Arts Portfolio

Bible Elective (6 credits)

General Elective (2 credits)

*Practical Theology is for men only and will be taken both semesters. Ladies may take Counseling Women, Ruth and Esther, or Women of the Bible.

Bible Credits

General Ed. Credits

Visual Arts Credits

General Electives


Visual Arts Lab/Practicum I & II

6 Credits  |  Junior Year

Taken during the Junior year, the Practicum provides the student with the opportunity to create independent work on a larger scale than is afforded in typical courses. Students will propose a large visual arts project—either to assist their home churches, to explore a new visual arts discipline, or to bolster their portfolios—and work through a series of milestones where they will check in their work in progress with their supervising instructor for feedback and direction. The level II course may either be a continuation of the previous project if the project is sufficiently rigorous or a new project entirely.

Internship Program

3 Credits  |  Senior Year

This internship in visual arts is performed during the academic semester and on the campus. Students will be paired with ministries in accordance with their individual skill sets and the ministry’s specific needs and will complete practical projects in their disciplines for the benefiting ministry. Throughout the internship, students will gain practical experience by creating pieces that could be included in their portfolio and will study principles of leadership and professionalism in visual arts.

Capstone Portfolio

4 Credits  |  Senior Year

This course is designed to provide the student with guidance in creating visual arts projects for inclusion in a portfolio that could be presented to a potential hiring ministry. This portfolio will showcase the student’s work throughout his visual arts training. Students will receive assignments and instruction in class and work through the necessary projects given throughout the course.